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Why Product Photography is important:

I specialise in many different types of #photography, one of them being #productphotography. Product photography can be further divided into different types such as studio, lifestyle and action shots. In this post I will be explaining the importance of product photography for businesses and what types I offer.

The Importance:

Product photography is important for #businesses to really show what they are trying to sell; this can be on their website, social media or even at events. When scrolling through #Instagram or #Facebook photos are key to drawing people's attention to something. These images need to make people stop and click to discover more about you. Having an amazing product is only part of the process of getting customers; you really want to showcase your products to expand your business further. Photos need to stand out and be unique; every photographer has their own unique style so find one that can adapt to your product and deliver a message you want to your audience. Messages can be embedded within photos - in a time where people are constantly browsing through social media, the majority of people aren't going to stop and read something lengthy, a picture is needed to describe what your company is all about; it makes you stand out from the rest. A great product combined with a great image makes getting customers even easier.

Themes are incredibly important too! Keeping a theme helps customers that are following your page know exactly what to expect from your business and are more likely to engage with posts. However, this doesn't mean your photos have to all be the same - themes can be kept while still having unique images. It's always important to switch themes up from time-to-time to keep viewers engaged.

Studio Product Photography:

#Studioproductphotography usually involves bold coloured backgrounds in a studio environment; these are usually modern and can be manipulated using #Photoshop to create unique photos which stand out from others. Some examples are listed below.

Lifestyle Product Photography:

#Lifestylephotography uses environments that are natural which show where the products may be used or create a mood or theme to display the style of the product. Some examples are below.

Action Shots:

#Actionshots show the product and how it may be used. These are similar to lifestyle images but the product itself may not be the main focus in the photo. Some examples are below.


Product photos are incredibly important to show off your products and the message you want to get across as a company. I offer a variety of product photography styles. For more information on product photography please see my Product Photography page.

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